Homeless man saves teen drowning in the frozen Red River

Man from Winnipeg hailed as a hero for the weekend rescue of injured teen

Faron Hall didn’t hesitate to throw off his knapsack and dive into the fast-moving Red River when a teenaged boy fell over the guardrail and plunged into the water, injuring his back. Hall, a homeless man, was sitting with a friend on a bench near the Provencher Bridge on Sunday when the teen went over. The sound of the impact prompted him to swim out 15 m and grab the teen who was unable to swim and fought Hall as he panicked. “He ducked me under a couple of times so I had to slap him in the head a couple of times or he would have drowned both of us. I feel really bad about that but we would have been in Lockport by now if I didn’t,” said Hall. “I just said, “ ‘You’re cold, I’m cold. Just lay on your back and kick.’ ”

Winnipeg Free Press

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