How to stop the seal hunt?

Throw a PETA tofu pie in a politician’s face, of course

A seal hunt protester got her point across to Fisheries and Oceans Minster Gail Shea this morning by throwing a tofu pie in her face. Shea was opening the new Aquatic Life Research Facility in Burlington, Ont., when the attack occurred. According to a statement by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, the protester was motivated by Shea’s support of the “indefensible slaughter in an apparent attempt to curry favour with the commercial fishing industry.” PETA went on to say that “A little tofu pie on her face is hardly comparable to the blood on Ms. Shea’s hands.” The protester was hauled off by police, though no charges have been laid yet. Shea, who wasn’t hurt, took the attack in stride—likening the tofu filling to shaving cream, and admitting that this wasn’t her first pie in the face. Her first was pre-politics, “but it was friendly, and it was at a hockey game.” Hopefully this one is her last.

Toronto Star