If you were a blog, you’d be home right now

As most readers have likely already figured out, it’s virtual moving day here at So far, it’s been a surprisingly smooth transition, but if you do happen to come across the occasional dead link, or find yourself confronted by a cryptic error message, don’t panic — it’s almost certainly just a temporary glitch.

(ITQ would, however, like to note that, as our colleague Paul Wells pointed out via email earlier, if you aren’t already a convert, this would be an excellent opportunity to experience the wonders of Firefox. )

Oh, and no, you aren’t imagining things — posting has been uncharacteristically light over the last two days. Fear not: There is a massive, firebreathing beast of an ‘In and Out’ Explainerizer in the works, as well as some gentle mockery of Pierre Poilievre’s foray into hideously inappropriate metaphor, a factcheck on that whole Elections Canada never goes after non-Conservatives meme, and various other tidbits. Until then, you’ll have to make do with a few pictures from my trip to Kingston.

(No, we didn’t spend all our time skulking around the graves of dead Prime Ministers or trees planted by living ones. We’re not THAT geeky. We also watched the CNN coverage of the Pennsylvania primary, and debated federal-provincial relations, and drank wine. )

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