Ignatieff takes to the airwaves

The federal Liberals release ads attacking the Conservative government

Amid growing election speculation, the Liberals have released a series of attack ads targeting the Conservative government. Anchored by the slogan “We can do better,” three of the six Liberals ads—one in English, two in French—popped up on Youtube and Facebook Sunday morning. The English ad, titled “Worldview,” takes the Harper government to task for its attacks against Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff over his time spent abroad. “We need a new way of thinking,” Ignatieff says in the ad, “a government that thinks big, that has a global perspective, invests in Canadians, gets their ideas to market, reaching out to India and China to build the economy of tomorrow.” The French-language spots, meanwhile, attack the government over its record on the environment and Canada’s growing deficit.

Toronto Star

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