Ignatieff trails Harper in personality poll

Canadians say Harper is smarter, braver, more confident, but more hypocritical

In a new “personality poll,” Prime Minister Stephen Harper beat Michael Ignatieff in almost every measure, though even the PM’s numbers were low when respondents were asked if the leaders are “in tune with Canadians.” Just 28 per cent said Harper is “in tune with Canadians,” while 12 per cent said the same about Ignatieff. Where Harper shone was when respondents were asked who is most “confident” and “determined”—Harper got 55 per cent and 56 per cent, respectively, versus 28 per cent for Ignatieff on both measures. Harper also eked out a win on the question of who is smarter. Despite Ignatieff’s egghead reputation, 45 per cent said Harper is smarter compared to 41 per cent for the Liberal leader. Ignatieff’s single win was on the question of which leader is more “hypocritical.” Harper had a 43 per cent hypocrisy rating, while only 39 per cent called Ignatieff a hypocrite.


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