In search of the iPhone

If you’ve ever doubted the cultish, fanatical level of attention devoted to  Apple and its iPhone (aka the Jesus phone) have a look at the brilliant (if not obsessive) work of one reporter at Forbes who has been staking out an Apple distribution warehouse in the hopes of finding out more about the secretive launch of the new iPhone. 

If the Apple rumours are true, Steve Jobs will unveil the new iPhone next week at the company’s annual developers conference. That means a lot of work has already been done to get the new iPhones shipped from Asia to distribution centres and stores around the world. (Yes, this probably means it will land in Canada sometime this month). 

As the Forbes gumshoe reports:

“The real action, however, took place behind the building–and could only be seen from the parking lot of an adjacent company on the other side of a shallow creek. Workers hustled to maneuver pallets of the brown boxes around trucks from FedEx and Advanced Logistics. The area was crowded with more than a dozen empty trailers from “Xtra Lease” and others. 

All around the trucks, workers wheeled around pallets of the plain brown boxes, some using forklifts, others with hydraulic dollies. A security guard working for the company across the creek from Quanta’s facility approached this reporter before a thorough survey could be made.”

Oh, the suspense!


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