Inside Peter Stoffer’s office

NDP MP Peter Stoffer had to rearrange his office. The walls were closing in on him. In the main room, Stoffer has hung 900 hats and placed 2,500 pins, 1,000 buttons and dozens of awareness ribbons and bracelets on the walls. Other MPs in the Confederation Building bring guests to ogle at the eclectic collection.

Now Stoffer is in the room next door with less clutter.

When people enter Stoffer’s office for the first time, they are asked to sign the guest book and given three darts “I bought it in the store for like 10 bucks,” he says. If you hit the bull’s eye on Stoffer’s dartboard, your name is added to his “Wall of Fame” plaque.

Stoffer keeps the quality 28-gram tungsten darts with an Andy Capp cartoon on the feathers in a drawer. Guests use the crappy darts.

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