ITQ Committee Lookahead Thingy - Update for Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Not much to add to the original lookahead, really (which is typical for a Wednesday, what with caucus taking up most of the morning):

Footloose and (for the moment) filibuster-free, the Environment committee celebrates its newfound return to functionality by trying to pass another passive aggressive private members’ bill – this time, a Liberal production – which calls for a National Sustainable Development Strategy, which wouldn’t really be so problematic if it didn’t also propose a fully independent Commissioner of the Environment.

Oh, you scamps. What were you thinking? Were you worried that the Prime Minister might eventually run out of Officers of Parliament to openly resent? Not to mention the fact that it’s also a shot at the Auditor General, what with that whole kerfuffle over her decision to fire Johanne Gelinas.

Meanwhile, over at Public Safety, the committee goes behind closed doors to talk Tasers in private.

As for the ITQ Liveblogger, she’ll be hanging out with the Legislative Committee on C-20 this afternoon, partly because of her deep interest in constitutional law, but mostly because she is madly curious to hear the government rationalize its unabashed lust for Senate elections with its vote of non-confidence in the country’s electoral system.

Finally, a message to the party whips who, ITQ can only assume, are making every effort to free the hostages at Justice and Procedure and House Affairs:

We’re waiting.