It’s not just ‘nous’

Even the best live band going is having reasonable accomodations troubles. The Black Lips were set to have their song ‘Veni Vidi Vici” appear in a British commercial for the Tesco supermakert chain, but the spot was pulled at the last minute when the PR folks actually listened to the tune (linked above). The problem? According to bassist Jared Swilley, “They took it away because we mentioned Muhammad and Jesus.”

Here’s the purportedly offending passage:

Mirror mirror on the wall
Who’s the greatest of them all
My man, Muhammad, Boy Jesus too
Who’s Messiah be good for you

Cause I came I saw
I conquered all
All ya’ll, all ya’ll, all ya’ll

People look towards Mecca’s way
Sistine Cahpel people pray
It don’t matter what you do
Holy World War will come for you

Looks like a trip across the pond for Misters Bouchard and Taylor might be in order.

Bonus feature: here’s the Black Lips playing the appropriately-titled “Sea of Blasphemy” at a positively insane show in Tijuana. You can thank me later for making your day awesome.