James Frey’s payback!

The novelist exploits Oprah to sell his new paperback

Disgraced memoirist James Frey, who was publicly flayed on the Oprah Winfrey Show in 2006 for fabricating details of his life story, appears to be using the talk show host to garner publicity. The New York Post’s Page Six reports that the upcoming paperback version of Frey’s best-selling novel Bright Shiny Morning includes two new sections—one a steamy sex romp involving politicians, the other about a character caught in a controversy, who appears on a talk show and figures out it will end badly for him. As a protective measure, the narrator starts taping all of his telephone calls, which includes one made after the show by “the host,” who wants to make sure he isn’t “going to hurt himself” and reveals some startling information about herself. Near the end of the passage, he says he has made copies of the tapes, has distributed them to friends for safekeeping and might someday talk about them: “Someday he might tell his side of it.” When asked to comment by the paper, Frey laughed it all off as “fiction.” Predictably, no one believes him.

New York Post

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