Jihad me at Hello

From the always-entertaining testimony of Mohammed Babar, at the Khawaja trial yesterday:

When the court reconvened, [prosecutor] Boutzouvis told Mr. Babar he had but one question that arose from the cross-examination.
He referred to a Dec. 30, 2003 e-mail between Mr. Babar and Mr. Khawaja’s ex-girlfriend that included the line “Please give my salaams to your father because he also a believer in my scams LOL.”
Mr. Boutzouvis then fired with the very last question for his star witness.
“Could you assist us with the meaning of LOL?”
“It’s laughing out loud. It’s short form…for laughing out loud,” Mr. Babar replied, characterizing it as a “half-hearted” comment.
“I’m sorry, did you say half-hearted?” asked Justice Rutherford.
“You know, light-hearted,” Mr. Babar corrected himself. “There’s nothing behind that remark.”

That’s from Laura Drake’s excellent trial blog

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