Joaquin Phoenix “documentary” wasn’t real: Casey Affleck

Movie showing his attempt to enter hip-hop was mockumentary

Casey Affleck has admitted that his new movie, “I’m Still Here,” was a performance, not a documentary about Joaquin Phoenix as a bearded, drug-addled rap star, the New York Times reports. Released last week, “I’m Still Here” has been savaged by critics, although Affleck says he “never intended to trick anybody” and that it wasn’t a hoax. Phoenix put his professional life on the line to be in the film, Affleck says, including in an appearance on the David Letterman show in 2009 that many found disturbing. This all began not long after Phoenix was nominated for an Oscar for his role in “Walk the Line,” a Johnny Cash biopic, leaving millions in shock as they saw him on Letterman and in Internet replays.

New York Times

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