Jong-un one step closer to leadership

Kim Jong Il’s youngest son takes over North Korean spy agency

In preparation for his inheritance of North Korea’s leadership, Kim Jong Il’s youngest son, Jong Un, has been given control of the country’s spy agency. The move is seen as another assertion of power from Jong Il to prevent any backlash over his son’s succession. Jong Un, 26, has been taking on an increasing amount of responsibility in his country’s governance, with some information suggesting he oversaw the sentencing of two US journalists to 12 years in prison this month. Taking over the State Security Agency means Jong Un will have control of North Korea’s own version of George Orwell’s “big brother”—the agency maintains a watch over government agencies, the military, and watches for dissent among ordinary citizens. It is also expected to take charge of North Korea’s 100,000 strong border guard under its new leadership.

Associated Press

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