Kenney insists Canadians support burka ban

Minister defends the policy at Muslim Canadian Congress in Toronto

Federal Immigration Minister Jason Kenney says there is widespread support in Canada for his government’s ban of face coverings at citizenship ceremonies, a measure Ottawa announced last month. Speaking at a gathering in Toronto of the Muslim Canadian Congress, a non-profit advocay, Kenney reportedly cited polls that found eight out of 10 Canadians support the ban, which will prevent Muslim women from wearing burkas or niqabs when being sworn in as Canadian citizens. “It is only a sign of respect for your fellow citizens when you are pledging to them your commitment to live in a community with them, to show your face and who you are and that your pledge is heartfelt and authentic,” Kenney was quoted as saying by the National Post. Opponents of the ban argue that Muslim women should be free to cover their faces according to their own religious customs, and should not be forced to remove them. But, Kenney reportedly insisted, since the oath of citizenship is a public ceremony, those participating shouldn’t be allowed to conceal their identities.


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