King Arthur speaks

Going into the election, André Arthur’s seat in Portneuf-Jacques-Cartier seemed as safe as anyone’s. The former shock jock turned independent MP walloped the riding’s Bloc incumbent in 2006, winning by a 7,000-vote majority. Somehow, that lead shrunk to some 600 votes on October 14. Arthur was none too happy about it when I spoke to him last week, nor was he impressed with the Conservatives’ showing in Quebec:

I’m frustrated because it’s put us in a dangerous situation. Canada needed a majority government. With the economic period we’re entering, we don’t need cat fights in Parliament. We needed a strong government. I’m ticked off at the Conservatives who put national unity in danger by letting the Bloc get in their way in an election where separation wasn’t even an issue.

You can read the rest of my interview with Arthur here.

[Photo by Mitchel Raphael]

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