Leonardo DiSinatra?

DiCaprio may be first choice for Martin Scorsese’s Sinatra biopic

Martin Scorsese will direct a biopic of Frank Sinatra, telling the story of the crooner’s life, loves, and alleged mob connections. No actor has been announced yet, but one of the film’s producers has already said that the obvious candidate is Leonardo DiCaprio, who has starred in most of Scorsese’s recent films (including the Oscar-winning The Departed and the upcoming Shutter Island). If he does end up playing Sinatra, at least DiCaprio won’t have to do his own singing: the producers have obtained the rights to Sinatra’s original recordings, and will use them to dub the lead actor. The choice of DiCaprio might make some biographical sense: both started out at heartthrobs who made teenage girls swoon, and both became a lot less dreamy by the time they were in their ’30s.