Libyan rebels claim they halted Gaddafi attack

Still unclear who controls certain areas of the country

Forces loyal to Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi are fighting to retake areas seized by rebel forces. Rebels are claiming they successfully defended the oil town of Brega after bombing raids by the Libyan air force. But The Guardian newspaper is reporting that further air raids occurred in the area and it remains unclear who controls the town. Anti-Gadhafi forces have been firmly in charge of eastern Libya up to Brega, and some areas beyond, since soon after anti-government protests erupted in mid-February. Mustafa Gheriani, a spokesman for the rebel February 17 Coalition, told Reuters: “They tried to take Brega this morning, but they failed. It is back in the hands of the revolutionaries. He [Gadhafi] is trying to create all kinds of psychological warfare to keep these cities on edge.” However, according to Libyan state television, pro-Gadhafi forces still controlled the airport and seaport at Brega. In another state TV address, Gadhafi reiterated his determination to “fight to the last man and last woman”.

The Guardian

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