Like father, like brother, like son

Most parents teach their children to pursue peaceful resolutions when they find themselves in a heated argument. Patrick Roy’s philosophy is a little different. He apparently taught his sons that if anybody pisses you off, kick the hell out of them. His eldest son, Jonathan Roy, was suspended last year for seven games after attacking an opposing goalie in a QMJHL game. (To see Jonathan’s attack, check below). He also used the occasional to flip the bird to those who apparently disapproved of his actions. Now his other son, Frederick, has been suspended 15 games for a vicious high-sticking incident during another Quebec major junior hockey game. (To see the unbelievable cheap shot, check below). I wonder where they learned how to fight? (For fighting lessons from papa, check below).

Frederick Roy (Nov. 21, 2008)

Jonathan Roy (March 21, 2008)

Patrick Roy (April 1, 1998)