Little Rock honours the Clintons by renaming its airport.

Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport is the first to honour a president and first lady together

Passengers bound for Little Rock, Ark., will now be landing at the Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport, according to a decision of the city’s airport commission. Former U.S. President Bill Clinton released a note saying he and his wife are “humbled” by the decision. Clinton was the governor of Arkansas before wining the presidential election in 1992, and Hillary, who is from Illinois originally, moved to the Arkansas capital after marrying Bill.

While it may sound odd that Clinton could soon be landing and taking off from an airport bearing his name, the Little Rock airport will not be the first airport in the United States to bear the name of a living president. In Houston, Texas, the George Bush Intercontinental Airport has been named after the former president George H. W. Bush, who occupied the Oval Office just before Clinton, from 1989 to 1993. The airport just outside Washington, D.C. was renamed Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport in the late ’90s when Reagan was still alive.

While other presidents have had airports named for them—Lincoln, Kennedy, Ford, and Roosevelt among them—apparently this is the first time a first lady is sharing the honour.

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