Liveblogging Canada Day - Yes, really.

At least until the liveblogger remembers that she isn’t actually working today, making it a voluntary endeavour, and/or decides to ditch the official programme for a convivial deck a safe distance from the madding crowd. Mmm, madding.

Anyway, I’m planning on heading up to the Hill for the Canada Day show — something I’ve managed to avoid doing for the last two and a half decades, which is a proud tradition amongst native-born Ottawans — and will provide highlights from the front lawn before elbowing my way through the crowds to Major’s Hill, where Stephane Dion will mingle with the masses at the Great Canadian Chicken Barbecue. After that – well, we’ll see where the day takes us. Doesn’t that sound fun?

I’ll start a new post for updates, and I warn you in advance that there may be oddities in formatting, since I’m going to be using the ultra-minimalist WordPress mobile applet. Yes, this means real, true liveblogging. Let’s all cross our fingers that it works. Oh, and I may end up resorting to that horrible reverse-chronological order format, where new entries are at the top and you have to read from the bottom up, so be warned.

Okay, now that we’ve gotten all the boring fine print out of the way – on with the show! Expect bulletins to start rolling in around, say, noonish.