Mad Men's Matthew Weiner on season finale: 'It's orgasmic'

Of the finale of Season 5, which airs Sunday night, Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner will only say this: “It’s orgasmic.”

The publicist for the AMC drama offered slightly more about the 64-minute episode: “Opportunity is in the air for everyone, and Pete meets a stranger on the train.”

Vincent Kartheiser, who plays Campbell, was pressed by the Huffington Post to dish. “I can’t tell you that, my brother,” he replied. “Watch and see.” 

So no one is saying and there’s lots we don’t know. In fact, New York magazine came up with a dozen outstanding questions it would like answered. Among the loose ends:

How are Megan’s parents doing? What about Jane’s LSD pals? And Betty’s cancer-fighting acquaintance? And Henry Francis’s mother? And Pete’s insurance salesman train buddy? And that guy’s wife, whom Pete totally had an affair with? 

Will we see Peggy Olson tonight — or ever? Here’s Weiner in the Los Angeles Times on her departure:

“I don’t think she left because she was mad at him. She left because at a certain point there’s no way for her to advance past that image that Don had of her. She didn’t want to be the daughter, the sister, the best friend’s kid, the girl from high school. She was thinking of herself for the first time.” 

One thing seems certain, there will be no happily ever afters. Jessica Paré, a.k.a. Mrs. Don Draper, hinted as much during a recent interview. And while talking with New York magazine about returning for another season, she pointed out what viewers already know: “this is not a show about Don Draper being a happy, healthy man.”




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