Matt Damon and Clint Eastwood: Race, death, and Hereafter

TIFF Red Carpet interview: The film may change, but Eastwood stays the same

Hereafter is an unusual film for Clint Eastwood. It’s a paranormal drama about people in three different places around the world who are forced to come to terms with mortality, a real departure from his more down-to-earth stories examining themes like politics, race and aging. Matt Damon plays a blue-collar worker and reluctant psychic who can speak to the dead, but hates his strange ability. It’s his second film with Eastwood, the first being 2009’s Invictus, where he played the captain of the South African Rugby team in the World Cup following the dismantling of apartheid.  Damon and Eastwood spoke to Maclean’s on the red carpet at Hereafter‘s premiere, and spoke about how the film asks life’s most difficult question, what happens after we die?

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