Meet the new boss, almost certainly indistinguishable from the old boss …

I’ve got to say that I pretty much agree with Susan Delacourt, as far as the end of the Buckler era of noncommunications at PMO: it’s hard to see how this will change much, really, other than put a fresh address atop the one-line non-response email that bounces back in reply to whatever question you might have asked.

I don’t think many of my colleagues believe that she, and she alone is responsible for the ongoing chill between the Prime Minister and the press gallery. She’s just following orders, and, as Susan says, there’s no shortage of people willing to do that in this town, especially for the highest political office in the country. The arrival of Guy Giorno — which is increasingly being heralded as a harbinger of a whole new chapter in the continuing saga of the Harper minority government, complete with a major shakeup of the seniorest of senior staffers who currently surround him. But from what I’ve heard, there’s nothing about Guy Giorno’s history at Queen’s Park that would suggest he’s eager to shake up the PM’s relationship with the press.

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