My life’s been busier than usual the past few months. First, since the beginning of March I’ve been in down at Rogers HQ in Toronto working as an editor at Canadian Business. It’s a pretty big change from daily print journalism and I’m still finding my way around the parking lot, but I’m excited about it. Two long-time Maclean’s folks are running the place, Steve Maich is the editor, and Lianne George is the deputy editor. If you like Maclean’s, you’re going to like CB. We have a great slate of writers over here and we’re going to be doing lots of fun and interesting stuff.

Second, my book is finally out. The full court media press starts this week, so you’ll probably be seeing and hearing more of me than you like. In order to keep the annoyance factor to a minimum, I’ve set up a website and blog for Authenticity-Hoax related stuff. I’ll be posting a lot of updates about media hits and stuff, but also some authenticity-watch items and maybe some monkey uprising happenings. If you don’t feel like checking that blog (or this one, for that matter), the contents of both will be spammed to my twitterfeed, @pottergold.