Montreal-born former wrestler Maurice (Mad Dog) Vachon dies at age 84

MONTREAL – Maurice (Mad Dog) Vachon, the tough-talking and colourful wrestler with the trademark gravelly voice, has died at the age of 84.

The Montreal-born fighter died in his sleep early this morning at his home in Nebraska.

The news was confirmed by Yves Theriault, who made a documentary on the wrestler a few years ago.

Vachon started his career as an amateur before becoming an international star, taking part in the 1948 Olympics in London at the age of 18.

He joined the World Wrestling Federation in 1984 but it was a short-lived career with the organization.

After taking part in some 13,000 fights and earning 30 titles, Mad Dog Vachon’s last professional bout was in Montreal on Oct. 13, 1986.

He entered the Wrestling Hall of Fame in 2004, along with his brother Paul, who had tag-teamed with him in the 1970s.