Montrealers want to turn right (on reds)

A petition is circulating demanding the right for Montrealers to turn right on red traffic lights. A West-Island newspaper called The Suburban has posted a petition online that has already collected over 2,000 signatures. In an interview with La Presse, Suburban editor Mr. Wajsman has called the restriction “just an excuse to give fines.”

He continued: “Since 1984 [in Canada], I can’t name a law that favours personal liberty. Every law is coercive. It’s time to review the restrictions that touch our lives.” Mr. Wajsman is beginning with the tyranny that afflicts Montreal drivers who wish to turn right after yielding on a red light.

The authorization of right turns in Quebec in April 2003 outside Montreal has resulted in about 300 accidents per year and a total of six deaths. Only Montreal and New York have bans on the right red light turn.

Wajsman is not concerned about being a journalist advocate: “We have the responsibility to represent the most vulnerable.” It remains to be seen how many oppressed drivers rally to the cause.

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