Moose assaults B.C. Mountie in police cruiser; officer injured, car damaged

The Canadian Press

PRINCE GEORGE, B.C. – In this case of moose versus Mountie, the officer — and his car — got the worst of it.

RCMP say the officer was writing a report in his car in Prince George, B.C., on Thursday when he saw two moose crossing an intersection.

The Mountie moved his car to try to stop another vehicle heading towards the animals when the bull moose rammed the front grill and bumper of the police cruiser before climbing over the hood and onto the roof.

The moose was stomping the roof when one of its hooves shattered the driver’s side window and hit the officer.

Police say the moose then walked down the trunk of the vehicle before making its getaway with the other moose.

The officer suffered a bruised left shoulder but didn’t need medical attention and finished his shift before heading home.