More than half of Canadians would back burqa ban: poll

54 per cent of respondents behind ban, according to Sun Media

More than half of Canadians think burqas should be banned in public, according to a poll for QMI Agency. The Leger Marketing online poll found 54 per cent of people surveyed said the government should follow France’s lead and not allow women to wear burqas in public for safety and transparency reasons. The web survey, conducted between July 19-22, asked 1,526 people to choose the statement that best reflects their view of France’s move to ban women from wearing a burqa in public. The sentiment was particularly strong in Quebec, where 73 per cent of respondents said they would support a ban. Older Canadians were more likely to agree with a ban, with 71 per cent of those 65 years and older choosing that option. Only 40 per cent of Canadians 18-34 years old said burqas should be banned. The survey question did not explain the difference between the burqa, the niqab and the hijab.

Toronto Sun

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