MPs at Toronto gay Pride

NDP leader Jack Layton and his MP wife, Olivia Chow, with a matching NDP orange drag queen.

Green party leader Elizabeth May with Toronto Green candidate Chris Tindal (right) and supporter Bob Banks.


Toronto mayor David Miller with drag queens Ivory (left) and Samantha Stone.

 Toronto Liberal MP Bob Rae and his Pride posse.


Rae and Toronto Liberal MP Mario Silva.


Toronto Liberal MP Carolyn Bennett was tickled by Toronto drag queen Ivory as she ran through the parade to catch up with the Liberal contingency.

Gerard Kennedy, the former Liberal leadership candidate.

The woman Kennedy hopes to unseat: NDP MP Peggy Nash.

Toronto drag star Miss Conception.


Liberal Deputy Leader Michael Ignatieff.

Adam Giambrone, city councillor, chair of the Toronto Transit Commission and former president of the federal NDP.


The firefighters!


Liberal MP Belinda Stronach and Rick Mercer were out promoting Spread the Net, their African malaria project.


A horse of a different colour.


War resister Corey Glass chats with Toronto NDP MP Olivia Chow who was the one who introduced a nonbinding motion to let war resisters stay in Canada. The motion was passed.

 Andrea Németh (right), former Ontario provincial NDP candidate, with the NDP contingency.


Toronto Liberal MP Borys Wrzesnewskyj attended the morning Metropolitan Community Church Service in the parking lot near the heart of Toronto’s gay village.

The service was lead by Rev. Brent Hawkes, one of the lead activists to bring same-sex marriage to Canada and recent recipient of the Order of Canada.

Layton, Chow and John Tory, the leader of the progressive conservative party in Ontario, sat in the front row.

Earlier in the week MPs and politicos attended the fourth annual Pride Toronto Gala and Awards. The theme was “Journey to Mount Olympus.” Here’s Prometheus.


Bob Rae and Enza Anderson.


Eric Buan, a Greek model with real rainbow roses.

Olivia Chow with the models.

Chow with Sandra Bernhard, the host of the evening.

Bernhard with Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty and Super-Minister George Smitherman.


John Tory with a rainbow puff.

Pamela Taylor, a candidate with the provincial Tories, appreciates some satyr.

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