Murderers wed, now one’s dead

It was a marriage destined to end in tears.

As lovingly chronicled in today’s Vancouver Sun, 54-year-old Tom Elton has been charged with murder after his 59-year-old wife, Brenda Blondell, was found stabbed to death in Surrey, B.C. Here’s the twist: both were convicted murderers—him for the 1975 killing of a fellow prison inmate and her for the drowning of a 21-year-old drug addict back in 1987. Not what you’d call a match made in heaven, but the two got married after Blondell got out on parole, and they both became prisoners’ rights activists, speaking at events dedicated to the cause. If Elton is convicted, the parole board will once again have some explaining to do, as he appeared to be a serial violator of his conditions.

The Vancouver Sun