My Canada Day includes poutine

As far as slights are concerned, whether real or perceived, this one seems fairly innocuous. The Canadian embassy in Washington has apologized for posting an invitation to a Canada Day party that featured Samuel de Champlain holding a plate of poutine. The offending image has since been removed from the page, but that’s it on the left. (Why do I feel like I’m turning into Ezra Levant all of a sudden?)

Some complainants, however, aren’t willing to let it go. The French-language advocacy group Impératif français is calling for nothing less than an official apology from Stephen Harper, and the resignations of newly-minted Foreign Affairs Minister David Emerson and Canadian Ambassador Michael Wilson.

Bill Johnson better be thankful the folks at Impératif français apparently didn’t get their hands his recent op-ed in The Globe about St-Jean festivities in Montreal. If they found a strange non sequitur by the Canadian embassy in Washington offensive, who knows how they would have reacted to the former Alliance Quebec leader’s insufferably patronizing piece?

UPDATE: Andrew Potter beat me to it. And he has a better headline.

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