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You have to admit, there are some pretty snappily-named blogs here at Blog Central. The too-good-to-be-true Inkless Wells, the wonderfully punchy Savage Washington, the self-aggrandizing Megapundit, the let-it-grow-on-you-and-you’ll-see-the-genius-of-it PotterGold.

And then there’s the blog hosted by our very own National Editor Andrew Coyne, and his cleverly titled blog, Andrew Coyne’s Blog.

This cannot stand. I’ve watched, waited, and hoped, that each new login would bring a shining beacon of clever irony or wicked punning. Gold Coyne perhaps? Or, er, Silver Coyne? Coynages? I don’t know, something anyway.

So since Andrew himself doesn’t seem to have any good ideas, it’s time for the people to choose. So here we go PG readers, fire up the brain cells. Put your suggestions in the comments here or email them to me. We’ll run this till Friday midnight, or till we get a winner, or till something else happens. Winner gets a prize, presented in person by the PotterGold Dancers.


UPDATE: Okey doke. I’ve closed comments, I think we’ve scraped not just the bottom of the barrel, but the underside, as well as the soil underneath right down to the bedrock. AC and I are still friends (I think), but I don’t want to push it.

So, here’s what is going to happen. Andrew can either pick a name for his blog, or, failing that, I’m going to pick the best three and pass them on to Ken Whyte for judging. Will keep you updated.

UPPERDUPPERDATE: I’ve opened comments again because a) I’m bored, b) Feschuk is hanging out, and c) I couldn’t pick three I liked enough. KEEP TRYING.


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