Nazi war criminal jailed for life

Lived free for years

In one of the last Nazi crimes trials in Germany, a Munich court found 90-year-old Josef Scheungraber guilty of ordering the killing of 14 people in Falzano di Cortona, Italy, during the second world war. The court found that as a 25-year-old Wehrmacht lieutenant, Scheungraber had German troops shoot a 74-year-old woman and blow up a farmhouse with 11 trapped inside. Scheungraber has lived for decades as a free man, and had a position on the town council in Ottobrunn, outside Munich. He managed a furniture shop, attended German veterans’ marches and was recently awarded a prize for municipal service. Although he was already sentenced to life in jail by an Italian military tribunal in September 2006, Scheungraber did not attend the trial as Germany generally does not extradite its citizens without their consent.

BBC News

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