NDP attack ads imitate, but don't flatter

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then the Conservative Party of Canada should be positively pink-cheeked after viewing a new NDP ad attacking Stephen Harper’s fiscal record.

The ad, which features the familiar pairing of unflattering photos and ominous narration, accuses Harper of “creating the worst deficit in Canadian history” and “attacking the most vulnerable Canadians when they are most in need”. 

The video comes in the wake of a collection of Conservative ads that labelledd NDP environment policies “dangerous”. The Conservative Party of Canada have had great success with attack ads in the past, and as noted by,  successfully damaged the reputations of two previous opposition leaders by declaring that Stéphane Dion was  “not a leader” and Michael Ignatieff was “just visiting.”  

According to the Globe and Mail, after the NDP supplanted the Liberals as the official opposition in 2011, they promised that any attack ads leveled against the party would be returned in kind. 

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