NDP planning "aggressive" election campaign

Leaked memo adds to election speculation mounting around Parliament Hill

The NDP is putting the finalizing an election platform and preparing to spend a record amount of money on an “aggressive” campaign. The party’s campaign director, Brad Lavigne, wrote earlier this week to NDP leader Jack Layton—who is on the road this week—to brief him on the state of election readiness. In the memo, Lavigne says the team is “prepared to wage an aggressive federal election campaign at any time.” The note was sent on the same day the Conservatives launched a series of new ads that target the opposition parties and heightened speculation that Canadians could go to the polls within months. Though opposition leaders claim they are not pushing for an election and that timing of the next one is up to the Conservatives, speculation has been heightened that Canadians could go to the polls within months.

Vancouver Sun

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