New turn in the Braidwood Inquiry

Email suggests Mounties planned to use Taser against Robert Dziekanski

A new email found last week has thrown a wrench into the Braidwood inquiry. The email, sent by Supt. Dick Bent to RCMP Assistant Commissioner Al Macintyre, suggests for the first time that the four Mounties who responded to a call at the airport last November planned to use a Taser against Robert Dziekanski. The 40-year-old Polish man who died at Vancouver’s airport after being Tasered five times and restrained. The email from Supt. Bent, dated Nov. 5, 2008, reads: “Finally, spoke to Wayne [Rideout] and he indicated that the members did not articulate that they saw the symptoms of excited delirium, but instead had discussed the response en route and decided that if he did not comply that they would go to CEW (conducted energy weapon).” Lawyer Helen Roberts, who represents the RCMP, broke into tears when she defended the officer in front of retired judge Thomas Braidwood, the inquiry commissioner. Braidwood decided that the new email would require new testimony; he has adjourned the inquiry until September 22. Bent is the same senior officer who sent an email in 2008 raising concerns about the force’s participation in the Braidwood inquiry.

The Vancouver Sun

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