Newfoundland to fund “observational study” of controversial MS therapy

Province joins Saskatchewan in allocating research money to treatment

The government of Newfoundland and Labrador has announced it will fund research investigating the efficacy of the “liberation” therapy, a procedure that restores blood flow in the neck and chest veins of multiple sclerosis patients—though it will not fund the treatment which remains unavailable in Canada. Provincial Health Minister Jerome Kennedy pledged up to $320,000—more if required—for local neurologists to examine patients in province before and after they travel undergo the treatment (at their own expense). The province joins Saskatchewan in allocating research money to the controversial treatment pioneered by Italian doctor Paolo Zamboni. The government made the announcement while hosting the country’s provincial and territorial health ministers for their annual meeting. Earlier this month, the federal government announced it would not fund pan-Canadian clinical trials into the procedure.

Vancouver Sun

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