News for people who can't read... good

So Sun Media is all upset with the Liberals because private citizen Ian Davey called it a newspaper chain for people who can’t read. Their editorial responding to his claim is a scream — it’s like it was written by Sarah Palin’s speechwriter the morning after a fruitless night spent trying to get served a drink in the West Village.

Anyway, I ran the weekend editorials from the major papers through the old Flesch-Kincaid analyser, and here’s what we were offered this weekend in the way of high, mid, and lowbrow newspapering:

No Substitute for an Inquiry, The Star: Grade 13

Editorial Autonomy and Financial Acumen, The Globe and Mail: Grade 10

Nine Years Later, a Troubled America, The National Post: Grade 9

Sounding it out at the Ballot Box, (i.e the one responding to Davey), The Toronto Sun: Grade 8

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