On Q being the operative letter in TQS

Well done, Marty.

But for the record: I’m not opposed to either foie gras, sex or poutine. In fact, that sounds a lot like an ideal Friday night, especially in that order. And I also enjoy convoluted constitutional arguments at least as much as the next guy-and probably a whole lot more.

As for that Jean-Luc Mongrain clip you posted, sure, there’s definitely something laudable about it. But Mongrain’s been phoning it in for a while now. Check out the clip above where he desperately tries to understand what those crazy kids are up to these days with their emo music and their dandy haircuts. No matter how ingratiating the blowhards are at TQS, the station’s primary mission has been reduced to convincing viewers Rocky III was enough of a cultural milestone to warrant being aired every weekend for past 15 years.

And finally, there’s something terribly misplaced with your suggestion Toronto hockey fans need to mellow out. Not only am I a die-hard Habs fan, consider the evidence:

[Credit goes to Fagstein for the picture]