One dead, one injured at sauna world championship

Annual competition cancelled after finalist dies in 110°C heat

Finland’s annual world sauna championship has been called off for good following the death of a Russian competitor after he spent six minutes enduring a temperature of 110°C. Vladimir Ladyzhenskiy was pronounced dead after being dragged out of the sauna by judges. Police are investigating the cause of death. Finn competitor Timo Kaukonen was also pulled out and is being treated in hospital for burns. Ladyzhenskiy and Kaukonen beat out 130 other competitors to make it to the final, where the sauna is heated to 110°C and water is added every 30 seconds. The last person to remain in the sauna wins. Ossi Arvela, head of the championships, said all first aid rules were followed at the event, but the event will be suspended as police investigate.

The Guardian

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