Only the grubby may disagree

Mark Steyn on dressing for dissent over healthcare

Do you disagree with Barack Obama’s healthcare reform proposals? If so, Mark Steyn argues you’ve been identified by the White House as members of “a sick, deranged, un-American mob” that’s responsible for derailing the debate over the reforms. Even worse, Steyn suggests, the Obama administration plans to silence you at all costs, including encouraging citizens to report any “fishy” correspondences about healthcare straight to the White House. The height of the administration’s paranoia, as far as Steyn is concerned, came when Senator Barbara Boxer suggested opponents of the Obama plan were too “well-dressed” to be real. “Apparently, the health care debate now has a dress code,” Steyn writes. “Soon you won’t be able to get in unless you’re wearing Barack Obama mom-jeans, manufactured at a converted GM plant by an assembly line of retrained insurance salesmen.”

Orange County Register

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