Pakistani Taliban threaten to attack aid workers

UN downplays threat in flood zones

Up to 40,000 more people have been evacuated in Pakistan as floodwaters from the Indus River breached an embankment in Surjani in the southern Sindh province Thursday. United Nations officials say the number of new evacuees in Sindh could rise to 100,000 in coming days. Meanwhile, the UN is downplaying threats from the Pakistani Taliban who have called the presence of foreign aid workers “unacceptable,” and who have warned locals not to accept help. Approximately 1,600 people have been killed in the floods which began in late July. Up to 17 million have been affected, including 5 million who have lost their homes in the deluge. The UN estimates 3.5 million people are now relying on contaminated drinking water, prompting fears of a large outbreak of waterborne diseases. After an initial slow response from donors, Canada announced last week that it will match money contributed to the relief effort by Canadians.

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