PETA mocks ailing Danny Williams with get-well card

Animal rights org encourages Newfoundland premier to go vegan after his heart surgery

We are shocked—shocked!—to report that People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is being accused of crassness. The hardline animal rights org has angered Danny Williams’s aides by sending the Newfoundland premier a get well card advising him to go vegan after his heart surgery. The tidings came with a gift basket of vegan treats—alternatives, the activists say, to seal meat. Williams has clashed with animal rights groups many times over the province’s annual seal hunt. But this time the activists have caught the verbose premier in an awkward moment. Not only is he suffering from heart trouble, he’s been roasted in the media for his decision to seek treatment in the United States rather than back home, where critics say the province has allowed the medical system to deteriorate.

The Telegram

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