Powerful people are less compassionate

It may seem obvious to the cynics (realists? socialists?) among us, but more power equals less heart, according to Berkeley researchers.

A study in the December issue of Psychological Science shows that high-powered people feel less compassion and distress when hearing about a person’s suffering than low-powered people.

Powerful people apparently lack empathy and seem less inclined to have a personal relationship with struggling souls. They don’t want to befriend losers.

But the researchers suggest high-powered people suffer the most from their cold apathy: they won’t have anyone to console them when they are sad.

So all of us minions can at least take pleasure in knowing that others are suffering too. Misery does love company. And what’s the holiday season if not a time to wallow in self pity.

(Does that sound too negative? I was going for satire….)

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