Protesters ignore warning from Iran’s Revolutionary Guards

Mousavi supporters met with teargas in Tehran

Despite a warning from Iran’s Revolutionary Guards that future protests over the June 12 election would be crushed, hundreds of demonstrators gathered in a public square in Tehran on Monday, where they were met by police who fired tear gas into the crowd and discharged their weapons in the air. Earlier in the day, the Revolutionary Guard, Iran’s most elite military force, posted a message on its website ordering protesters to “end the sabotage and rioting activities”-otherwise, protesters should be prepared for a resolution and revolutionary confrontation with the guards.” According to the country’s state-owned radio service, at least 457 people were detained by Iran’s security services after the massive protests in the capital on Saturday that left another 10 people dead. Meanwhile, Iran’s ruling Guardian Council has announced that a preliminary investigation into the June 12 vote revealed excess votes in 50 of the total 366 electoral districts. Spokesperson Abbasali Kadkhodai nonetheless insisted they uncovered nothing that would lead them to believe a recount might change the election outcome.

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