Psst! Having trouble reaching ITQ, Inkless Wells, Megapundit or any of your other must-read bloggers this morning?

TANGENTIALLY RELATED UPDATE: This site – is a godsend at moments like this. At least, it would be, if it wasn’t on, which is among the casualties of the Great Internet Explosion of Aught Eight, that is …

UPDATE: Apparently, it’s not just us (and – it’s a whole big provider-go-boom-literally-not-figuratively thing in Texas, according to SlashDot (which has been known to bring down a provider or two itself in the past, albeit through too much love, not explosions):

An anonymous reader writes “Customers hosting with ThePlanet, a major Texas hosting provider, are going through some tough times. Yesterday evening at 5:45 pm local time an electrical short caused a fire and explosion in the power room, knocking out walls and taking the entire facility offline. No-one was hurt and no servers were damaged. Estimates suggest 9,000 servers are offline, affecting 7,500 customers, with ETAs for repair of at least 24 hours from onset. While they claim redundant power, because of the nature of the problem they had to go completely dark. This goes to show that no matter how much planning you do, Murphy’s Law still applies.”

But still, change your bookmarks to the new URLs. It can’t hurt, right?

It’s not our fault, I swear — it’s something to do with our old provider (which apparently also powers, which is suffering laggedyness as well this morning). Or sun spots. Or maybe The Man is trying to take us down.

Anyway, if you’ve been experiencing technical difficulties, you might want to consider updating your bookmark(s) to the shiny new URL(s) that replaced the old monstrosities. You know, the ones that you’ve probably been using for the last month, since they would automagically forward you here.

For ITQ:

or, which I set up during the Dark Ages of the aforementioned hideous URLs.

For everyone else – including Inkless! And Mega! – from Blog Central:

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