Quebec election speculation increases

Rumours of a possible impending Quebec election are heating up. La Presse has speculated Quebec premier Jean Charest is set to call an election on August 1st. If he does, Quebecers would be heading to the polls on September 4th, the day after Labour Day, and for many in the province, the first day of school.

La Presse says sources at the National Assembly in Quebec City have indicated in recent days that Jean Charest would “trigger [elections] as quickly as possible”.

CBC notes possible election indicators including the retirement of several prominent caucus members, and a planned PQ platform release this afternoon.

As the Gazette reports, although Charest is not required to call an election before 2013, many believe Premier is looking to renew his government’s mandate before student protests resume at the beginning of the fall semester.

Charest, who has been in power for 9 years, has recently been challenged with the student strife in addition to allegations of corruption and a sluggish economy.

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