From the latest Nanos five-day regional roundups:

Top Conservative gains

1. Up 9 points in Alberta

2. Up 5 points in Manitoba/Saskatchewan

3. Up 1 point in the BC Lower Mainland

Top Liberal gains

1. Up 11 points in Rest of BC

2. Up 8 points in Northern and Eastern Ontario

3. Up 6 points in Montreal

Top NDP gains

1. Up 6 points in Toronto and the GTA

2. Up 6 points in Southwestern Ontario

3. Up 2 points in Rest of BC and Rest of Quebec

Highest regional Green support: 13% in Southwestern Ontario. Green support has held steady or declined in every region except Southwestern Ontario.


Top Conservative losses

1. 10 points in Southwestern Ontario

2. 9 points in Rest of BC

3. 8 points in Northern and Eastern Ontario

Top Liberal losses

1. 1 point in Alberta

2. 1 point in Sask/Man

3. Status quo in Rest of Quebec

Top NDP losses

1. 7 points in Alberta

2. 6 points in BC Lower Mainland

3. 2 points in Man/Sask


Conservatives lead in BC Lower Mainland, Rest of BC, Alberta, Man/Sask.

Liberals lead in Atlantic Canada, Montreal (tied with Bloc), Toronto and GTA, Northern and Eastern Ontario, Southwestern Ontario. Note the symmetry: Liberals lead east of Ontario-Manitoba border (except in most of Quebec, where the Bloc dominates), Conservatives lead west of that border.

NDP leads nowhere and is second only in Atlantic Canada.

Margins of error, even with a cumulative five-day sample, are between 6.0 and 9.7 depending on the region.