Republicans launch effort to repeal ‘Obamacare’

Report by Democrats finds millions of Americans have preexisting medical conditions

The House of Representatives is set to begin debating the repeal of President Barack Obama’s landmark health care bill, fulfilling a campaign promise of congressional Republicans. GOP members continue to insist that ‘Obamacare’ hampers economic growth while doing little to control ever-growing medical costs. House Speaker John Boehner has scheduled floor debate for Tuesday and a vote on the measure for Wednesday. He has promised that the debate will be civil, but that doesn’t mean Republicans will refrain from continuing to call the law a “government takeover of healthcare” and employing other strong rhetoric. The measure is expected to pass the Republican-led House, but is believed to have little chance of clearing the Democrat-controlled Senate or surviving a presidential veto. Democrats have noted, among other things, the increased number of Americans covered by the law, and that a repeal of the overhaul would add $230 billion to the federal debt by 2021. Also, on the same day as the debate, the Obama administration released a report that estimates that as many as 129 million Americans under age 65 have preexisting medical conditions that could make it more difficult for them to obtain health coverage.


L.A. Times

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