Ruth Madoff evicted

U.S. marshals seize the Madoff’s $7 million penthouse

Ruth Madoff, the wife of financial scam-artist Bernie Madoff, has been booted from her luxurious Upper East Side penthouse, the New York Post reports. Three days after her husband was sentenced to 150 years in jail, six U.S. marshals showed up at the residence just before noon today armed with a court order to seize it. Madoff had moved out earlier, though where she is now is unknown. Last week, she signed a deal with federal authorities to surrender tens of millions of dollars of assets, including yachts, bank accounts and the $7 million penthouse, which will be used to reimburse her husband’s victims, however slightly. As part of the deal, Madoff was allowed to keep $2.5 million. Federal prosecutors have announced they won’t charge Ruth, due to lack of evidence. Even so, she has been sentenced to a life of social ostracization: A pariah in her former circles, many Manhattan buildings have refused to rent to her because of her husband’s notoriety.

New York Post

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